eZi - Agent

  • Intelligent digital assistants for banking, services, insurance and health providers (text and voice interface)
  • Service request management and service handling
  • Retrieval of personal information like loyalty cards, insurance, reminders, health checks
  • Add tasks and track progress

eZi - Service Bot

Meaningful automated conversations for service handling, request management and self-service delivery. Ezi-ServiceBot supports self service automation on any consumer platform Apps, Web and Social Media- powered by customer analytics and flexible scripting technology.

Self service catalogues that can automate transactional data to simplify service. Use our Enterprise Messaging Service (eMs) to automate workflows and backend system integrations with your choice of channel.

Delight your customers.

Pre Integrated service Bot with WhatsApp for BMC Helix\Remedy for ticket creation and status. All you need is a Whatsapp for business account our eMs platform and away you go eZi -ServiceBo

eZi - EMS

  • Robotic automation and messaging processes for automation of any workflow and processes
  • Automate engagements and self service through any channel
  • Creating the Omni channel experience

eZi - Service Flow

If your company deals with repetitive interactions from its audience, then those interactions can be automated using EMS, Flow and ESB services.  Using Robotic Automation and AI we can reduce the costs and workflow of your customer support business processes, teams whilst satisfying even the most demanding of users.

Transform time-consuming processes into intuitive, integrated, and intelligent workflows that contribute to organizational success.

eZi - Monitoring

Intelligent monitoring and service resolution across the business – networks, data-center, end user, capacity, applications, performance, IOT, and service processes

  • Universal Virtual Console

  • Service Awareness

  • Baseline Management Zone

  • Automation

eZi - Unified Desk

  • Service Desk capabilities to handle CRM, ITSM, and Field Services Automation
  • Simple to complex service process handling
  • Ensure business services are delivered – powered by BMC, Microsoft or bespoke development
  • Handle IT and non-IT services through single consoles – incidents, cases, changes, problems and fulfillment delivery execution seamlessly

eZi - Insights

Enabling End-User Productivity with Analytics

  • Digital Experience Monitoring
  • Understand the health of your organization by monitoring and analyzing end users’ interactions with technologies and processes
  • Asset Optimization – Fit technology and costs to the productivity needs of end users
  • Event Correlation & Analysis – Solve IT problems affecting productivity quickly or even before they impact users

Advanced Metrics for ITSM

  • Executive Dashboards
  • Operational Dashboards
  • Dynamic Report Suite
  • Ad-Hoc &Scheduled Reporting

eZi - Workplace

Capabilities for clients to remediate issues on Self Service bases with power of knowledge management using ServiceBots for Level 0 support.

Combinations of OEM tools (Systrack & RightAnswers) to provide deep insights and end user experience management.

Provides artificial intelligence capabilities that help make sense of end user data. AIOps helps identify and remediate many issues before they invoke Level 1 or 2 support, significantly reducing support desk costs and introducing a whole new level of support: Level 0.

Knowledge management software that makes IT help desk and customer service agents more productive. It improves both employee and customer experiences with a centralized knowledge hub to create, maintain, and locate relevant information quickly.

eZi - Field Service

Our mobile apps empower field engineers and technicians to complete any process on any device, wherever work takes them — even offline.

Our technology improves and accelerates the work technicians do every day, enabling your field force to work smarter and more efficiently.

Enable laser barcode scanning, radio frequency identification (RFID), and near-field communications (NFC).

Our apps are device-native, multi-platform, and are fully functional online or offline.

eZi - Assets

Identify, track, trace, and record IT assets across the enterprise

  • Asset Request and Approvals
  • Asset Purchase Details
  • Asset Creation / Import from 3rd Party Systems
  • Receiving Assets based on PO
  • Asset Transfer / Inter Location Transfer
  • Maintenance Record and Schedule
  • Complaint Records
  • Disposal Process
  • Depreciation
  • Asset Audit
  • API/Interface for 3rd Party Integration

IT and Non IT assets:

  • Track and trace physical assets as they move within the organisation.
  • It ensures that structured information regarding assets is always available Creates an audit trail and provides notification of exceptions and discrepancies.

eZi - Service Kiosk

Queue management and integrated self service workflow management to eliminate the stress of waiting to be serviced.

  • Focus on client satisfaction
  • Maximise client throughput
  • Eliminate high emotion associated with high density environments
  • Measure and manage internal performance and automate workflows
  • Enable process improvement

Preconfigure and adjust service flows. Process can be adjusted to meet the requirements of a specific client No coding / development required. Process adjustment is done through parameterisation. Queue jumping based on any defined priority is possible from one phase to another.

eZi - CRM

Designed and priced for the SME and Midmarket business.

Track your sales pipeline and performance against targets. Keep up to date with sales activities, customer meetings and contacts. No heavy investments on infrastructure, consume as a service. Hosted LOCALLY with our cloud service providers.

Features Include:

  • Set and Manage targets per sales region
  • Manage your Sales Performance and Pipeline
  • Record your interactions and actions per opportunity
  • Connected with your mail server and our SMS gateway for enhanced communications.
  • Cloud ready – NO APP: all you need is your web browser on ANY device

eZi - IOT with Inferrix

We understand that enterprises today are keen to centralize the management of their entire DC/ Server/ NOC assets – to ensure all IT & OT assets that impact the IT teams’ service level commitments to their business team are proactively managed in realtime, with ubiquitous secure access.

Fully integrated DCIM/DCIoT solution that ensures complete control of all IT & OT assets across the complete DC estate.

eZi – Discovery

Discover your estate across your datacentre and endpoints.
Determine what servers storage and networking devices exists.
Determine end user endpoints such as printers and laptops.

  • Complete estate mapping
  • Get A List Of All Services, Running Or Not, Users, Protocols & Ports
  • Determine application dependencies
  • Determine application impacts in events and outages
  • Determine what assets exist in the estate
  • Aims to automate asset discovery and identify systems in the network and obtain relevant information from them as quickly as possible
  • Multi-cloud discovery

eZi – Call Comp

Call recording is a flexible month-to-month solution that eliminates the hardware investment, storage concerns, maintenance costs, and includes 24×7 support.

Integrates and records all your conversations to your service desk for easy compliance and metrics.

  • Complete Call Recording Solution
  • Access Your Call Recordings Anywhere
  • Multi-tenant Call Recording on Any Platform
  • Seamless integration to service desk
  • PCI compliance made easy
  • AI Call pattern analytics
  • Agent performance metrics
  • Complete agent Interaction management
  • Secure call recording and compliance
  • AI-driven voice analytics for sentiment, emotion and content analysis

eZi – Ticketing

Designed and priced for the SME and Midmarket business.

Delight your customers, improve your employee delivery experience. Save costs – No heavy investments on infrastructure, consume as a service, Hosted LOCALLY with our cloud service providers.

Features Include:

  • Set Ticket Type- EG. Repair, Maintenance, call out, service call
  • Ticket Classification (Case, Request, Incident)
  • Create and Manage:
  • Your Users (internal and external)
  • Your support groups
  • Your Products and Services catalog (by customer)
  • Set and manage Reminders
  • Set and manage Service Schedules
  • Reporting and Dashboards built in
  • Connected with your mail server and our SMS gateway for enhanced communications.
  • Update Via mobile device for field services
  • Cloud ready – NO APP: all you need is your web browser.